Encrypting Stack Breaks Field References

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Dec 13 19:02:46 EST 2020

Ron Noice wrote:

? My program (built with LC 9.6.1 Indy Windows) contains a large number
 > of references to fields by variables.
 > only when I encrypt it does it fight back. Here's a simplified example
 > of what I'm doing:
 > create group "grpTree"
 > ...
 > copy fld "baseBox" to grp "grpTree"

^ that's your issue.

Copying objects is disallowed in an encrypted stack, since of course 
once an object is copied it could be pasted into an unencrypted stack, 
and thus expose the source.

You might consider moving the code from the encrypted stack to an 
encrypted behavior object, leaving the stack where copying must be done 

But if these objects are being copied only by script for the purpose of 
automatically building out a UI, without a need to alter the user's 
clipboard, you might consider using the clone command instead.

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