Trying to use the Segmented Control

R.H. roland.huettmann at
Thu Dec 10 17:30:09 EST 2020

@ Ralf Bitter

Dear Ralf, I downloaded your segmented control from:

and I installed the widget using the Extension Manager in the IDE.

It looks very nice. Exactly what allows control and even change the
behavior. First time users should know that the custom properties (as
described by you) are custom properties of the group "menuBtnGrp". For a
first time, two visible switches would probably allow users to just test
without having to look under the hood.

Since I must build such button groups dynamically (users can add or remove
modules which then appear put on the navigation bar that is constiung of
such "buttons") I will just need to script this a bit in more detail.

I also wrote my own bar using a table field where I mimic the hiliting and
hover (mouseover) effect when moving the mouse over lines or using arrow
keys (up and down. It looks like a button bar when using an image source
for a first character. But it does not work for SVG as far as I know. And
it only works for vertical "bars". On the other hand, it is very easy to
dynamically create and remove lines. Actually, I track the mousemove and
detect the line number and then place a transparent graphic over the
selected line. This gives more control than using the built-in hilited
property.  If someone is interested, I can send...

So, thanks a lot to you for providing this, and I am sure I will have fun
using it...


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