Double Clicking on a Field

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Fri Dec 4 09:31:43 EST 2020

Why do you need to use double tap?  The code should distinguish between a scroll and a tap and react appropriately.  The mobile scroller code in common use should facilitate this.  If a double tap is really needed, then it would probably need to be included in that same behavior script.

The big thing that you will need to do is create another handler to take the action.  Using mouseUp will probably be harder than needed (would need to use a flag of some sort to know when to ignore it).  Jacque’s method is a doScrollerTap handler that the scroller code calls.  DelayTouches will need to be false since you will be handling this yourself (and only works on iOS anyway).

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> On Dec 4, 2020, at 9:15 AM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I want a user to scroll the fields. If a user sends mouseup, simply scrolls the field. It does not react.  It is locked.
> But if the user double clicks on field, it reacts.
> Basically it goes to another cards, taking with it a single Title in the list, on a double click of the field
> If I try
> If double-click then
>   # code
> End if
> It does not work…
> BR
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