Cross Platform Font Layout - current workarounds

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I take it you referring to the premature mouse "down/up"s you get with
Android while perusing in a native scroller. This is not a problem for me in
iOS. I put in a simple timer and it does not adversely affect iOS(or affect
it in any way) but does make the scrolling in Android work as expected. If
my supposition is correct I'm just wondering why you do it only for Android?

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> The projects deadline was Monday morning, which was completed. It 
> doesn't take away from the fact that next time I will face it all 
> again because LC won't fix the fundamentals. They don't live up to 
> their promises. They LIE (Jacque won't accept it, but they make many 
> claims on their site and to me in person that simply are proven 
> false). I'm just tired of people making me out to be irrelevant and any
claim I make to be false.

I don't think you're either irrelevant or incorrect, I only object to the
disrespect you've shown for people who work hard to bring us the tool we
love and depend on. Any bugs you found are certainly based in fact, as
you've shown. But there are much better ways to express discontent than what
we've seen here. I also understand that you are battling some personal
issues that may be out of your control, for which I am very sorry. But you
can't expect warm replies to rants that are hurtful to the very people who
attempt to help. Remember when we were worried about you and took up a fund
to help? You got mad at us for that too.

As for "code once, run anywhere," I've recently completed two apps in four
different flavors. I did not need to make any adjustments between the Mac
and Windows apps, or between the iOS and Android apps with one exception for
the native scroller on Android. And because the two products were siimilar
in many ways (one inspired the other,) I could re-use about 70% of the
desktop code to create the mobile apps.

Two mobile apps with identical code bases, except for native Android

Mac and Windows apps with identical code bases:  (click product titles
to see screenshots) And the mobile versions:

There is one more thing that differs between Android and iOS apps, and
that's native appearance. Your font issue is similar to this. My mobile
products each contain a handler I call "setupUI" which adjusts the
appearance of all controls to conform to the platform's GUI. It sets the
properties of all buttons, fields, text, etc., whatever is necessary to make
the app look as expected for the OS. It's a long handler and I add to it as
I do the initial layout. Then I run the handler manually from the message
box before doing the build for each mobile platform. This is all cosmetic
work, and I don't consider it part of the code base because it isn't what
runs my apps. It just makes them look right. It's an automated way to switch
between iOS and Android appearance, with the advantage of allowing me to
flip between the two GUIs quickly during developent.

I generally don't need to do that for desktop apps, because LC handles most
of the GUI issues for me. The fact that you've found an edge case is
probably why you're so angry; we get spoiled because we take it for granted
that LC is going to do it all for us. The link Mark gave us explains the
reason (and though the author is working with HTML, the reason behind the
problem does apply to LC as well. It isn't as irrelevant as you thought.)

Jacqueline Landman Gay | jacque at HyperActive Software |

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