How much do we have to pay to get a minimum of efficiency from HTML5

hh hh at
Tue Nov 19 03:01:48 EST 2019

LiveCode cannot do anything for you with that.

The security dictator is
1. the OS
2. the browser you use for the standalone.

There are a lot of differences alone by variations of
these two.

Yes, read and write from files is doable, but with the
restrictions given by OS security and Browser security,
what means: User interaction and/or same origin policy.
For example you can read without any problems from the
standalone's server location.

With the help of a bit javascript you can read from any
local file using a dialog, but you can write to nowhere
but the user's downloads folder.

I have shown that already long ago with some of my HTML5
examples (available incl. source code).

TMHO there are so few license holders in HTML5 that
there is nearly no step forward in that field -- sadly
a downward spiral.

Sadly, because there are already a *lot* of features
implemented -- if you are able to handle that under the
user's OS and browser.

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