How much do we have to pay to get a minimum of efficiency from HTML5

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Nov 18 21:32:03 EST 2019

Alain Vezina wrote:

 > I gave up regular LC to get interested in HTML5 from LiveCode a year
 > ago. My intention was to transform my apps to get me out of Apple's
 > tyranny. I was first enchanted by this product, but I quickly became
 > disillusioned when I realized that basic commands and functions in LC
 > like read from file or write to file do not work in HTML5.

Desktop apps and web apps are inherently very different.

For example, while it's common for desktop apps to read and write files 
across the user's hard drive, browsers don't allow that. If they did, 
every site you go to - and sites that have maliciously inserted their 
code into sites you go to - could rummage through your hard drive, 
taking what they want and altering things along the way.

On the desktop, Apple does not require that you surrender 30% of your 
income to them in order to have your apps installable.  You can still 
distribute via downloads from your own site, as we've been doing since 
the '90s.

 > I reported a bug on the Browser widget in April 2019 and the problem
 > has still not been fixed. For me, it is a tool that is fundamental in
 > many of my applications.

I'm not following this now.  The first part of your email discusses 
stack files exported from LC as HTML to run in a browser, and this part 
seems to be discussing the widget, which embeds a browser application 
inside of a LiveCode standalone.

What are you building?

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