Commands on server and lack of examples

JJS jjs at
Tue Nov 12 13:24:07 EST 2019


i'm really curious how some things from the dictionary should work or 
behave on server. (when filtered on server)

And i can find almost no examples, the forum section is small, the list 
is searchable but not easy, lessons almost nothing and mostly about 
installing the server, dictionary only IDE examples.

As it is serverside, how should for example a field work or a widget.

How should on mouseUp work? i can type on mouseUp and some things in it 
like put"<p>hi</p>" and then end mouseUp, no error, but nothing 
happening either.

Or in better words maybe, how to use a HTML button like an LC button.

How to send data without opening another lc script, i just want to stay 
for example on the same page, but i need the result back without the 
whole page being reloaded.

( i know how to send data as i can choose categories and products and so 
on each on their own page)

If i need jQuery or Javascript then i can just as good go on with the 
PHP versions i have.

I've rewritten some html/php scripts to html/lc and now i've come to the 
same point, there where the products should go in the basket.

When one uses html form action="" for instance then when pushing 
the html button it tries to open that script as a page.

So in short what i'm asking is a lot of examples and some answers to the 

Thanks for any help.



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