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On 11/9/19 6:32 PM, Tom Glod via use-livecode wrote:
> I don't expect 100% first time flawlessness.  But is there anything I
> should keep in mind as I do this?

As Swami mentioned, if it works in Android it's likely to mostly work in 
iOS too. But depending on your layout, you may need to design different 
interfaces for each OS. Apple is a bit particular about that and will 
reject an app that looks like an Android port. I'm not sure if Google 
will do the same, they're more flexible, but Android users won't 
appreciate an app that looks like it belongs on iOS.

So basically, your scripts probably won't need much alteration but the 
appearance might. The location of navigation bars and other controls, 
fonts, text alignment, button appearance, icons, and other visual 
properties varies by OS. Each OS has its own standard appearance.

You can get around some of this by using only unique custom icons and 
buttons sometimes. But title bar appearance and control placement are 
pretty much expected. I found this link to be helpful:

> My application is pretty straight version of a
> book.....jsut a pretty basic interface, integration via tsnet.

If your app is just a book, Apple may not accept it into the App Store. 
They want all books to go into the iBooks store and they may direct you 
there when you submit.

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