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Well, well; here's a reply which really needs a multi-part reply.

On 24.05.19 18:21, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode wrote:
> Not sure what you mean.

What I mean is that LiveCode produces a "Fat" standalone which suffers 
from the following disadvantages:

1. It's fat, quite literally.

2. I wonder whether MacOS Somewhere_Obscure_In-California (10.15) will 
not object to those
standalones because, as well as containing 64-bit code they also contain 
32-bit code.
>   Are you talking about 32 bit vs. 64 bit? Apple only began supporting 64 bit OS in 2006 when they began to use the Intel chipset. In 2011 the OS was exclusively 64 bit throughout, but has continued to run 32 bit apps until Mojave. Mojave is the last Mac OS that will support running 32 bit apps.

1. I just felt a bit "funny" when my Mac Mini runing 10.14.5 beta 
something "made a remark"
about 32-bit apps when I opened up LiveCode 9.0.4.
> A 32 bit OS can only address around the first 2 gigs of memory. Not very good for running multiple apps.
Dunno about that: I've been running multiple apps ever since I bought a 
Macintosh LC475 running MacOS 7.0.1.

> I understand your financial situation living and working where you do.

My "financial situation living and working where you do" sounds almost 
and certainly a bit condescending.

You know nothing whatsoever about my financial situation (it's like most 
people's financial situation:
plain boring). You are, if you feel the urge, most welcome to come and 
stay for a week to assess
my standard of living; especially as I refilled the fridge yesterday.

As to "working where you do," well, well, the main thing that is in 
anyway problematic about
working where I do is the abysmal ignorance of smug types who assume , 
on the basis of not having been there,
that where I work is an unmitigated sinkhole of iniquity.

I've never seen anywhere quite as "ouch" as East St. Louis over here.

I have a feeling that an awful lot of folk who stay in East St. Louis 
would do a lot to
reach my financial situation.

My wife and I have just finished watching "Homer and Eddie", which is an 
education in terms of
financial situation and where one lives:
> If all you have to work with is pre-Intel Apples, then I'm surprised... even shocked you keep them running!

Ha, Ha, Ha: sent out for some new underpants as mine just split!

I keep PPC Macs running because of useful software (try running Bryce 4 
on an Intel Mac) such as HyperCard.

At home I have  all sorts of Intel Macs of varying vintages: 
notwithstanding my G5 PPC, G3 iMac and so on.
Oddly enough I had so many lying around I gave one to a chap who works 
at the University last week because
his previous Mac finally died: and he, having a wife and 2 teenage kids, 
had not the money to replace it.

As to my school: I deploy very old, very cheap PCs running Xubuntu 
Linux. But the main reason for
this is that children have sticky fingers and a tendency to muck around 
with things, so if a machine goes
'bang' it is a cheap exercise to replace it. Investing in expensive 
hardware when working with children
is, as far as I am concerned, a mug's game.

Also, as my school computers are not internet connected and are "only" 
used for my own LiveCode
standalones for ESL content delivery and reinforcement, as well as 
running LiveCode for teaching, one does
not need high-end machines.
>   It's a testament to your resourcefulness, not to mention your tenacity. It's also a testament to how well Apple made their products in those days.

What's a testament? My asking questions about what's what with 64-bit 
versions of LiveCode?

Nothing of the sort, old sausage.

If you imagine Richmond wandering around fishing in bins (OK, OK, I have 
done that about 6 times to retrieve
usable computer hard drives) for his living and looking like some extra 
from 'The Life of Brian' you
are sadly wrong (even if it would have been fun to be an extra in 'Brian').

Love, Richmond.
> Bob S
>> On May 23, 2019, at 23:51 , Richmond via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> 3. Why is there only one version of LiveCode for Macintosh? Should Mac users feel hard done by?
>> Richmond.
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