9.5 layerClipRect

Michael Kristensen michael-kristensen at dsa-net.dk
Tue May 21 10:54:17 EDT 2019

Hi there

layerClipRect is a nice addition to LiveCode.

Made a little experiment with the code from the Dictionary

// Hide 10 pixels from the border of image "myImage"
local tRect
put the rect of image "myImage" into tRect
add 10 to item 1 of tRect
add 10 to item 2 of tRect
subtract 10 from item 3 of tRect
subtract 10 from item 4 of tRect
set the layerClipRect of image "myImage" to tRect

Had an image and a button with the code.

It always toke two clicks on the button to have an effect on the image

Did also put a “lock screen” in there to force an update.

Same result: Two clicks necessary


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