Seeking confirmation of a bug...

Monte Goulding monte at
Thu May 16 18:30:54 EDT 2019

> On 17 May 2019, at 7:29 am, Monte Goulding via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> I just added an updated test stack that showed another issue of only a single file type is specified. If you have have a chance could you check that the fix addresses that use case too?
> I think it would be best to open a separate report about the inconsistency when there’s only a single type specified. The original report is a clear regression from the refactor while the difference between mac and win when only a single type is specified was always the case I think. We need to figure out whether to document the inconsistency or fix for one platform or the other. Note that this command setting both it and the result is actually a documented anomaly so perhaps if we have the choice the result should be cleared.

I opened this separate issue for the platform inconsistency issue which is worse on Linux as it doesn’t set the result at all

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