Group misbehavior in 9.5

doc hawk dochawk at
Fri Jun 28 20:19:16 EDT 2019

I can’t come up with a recipe for this one, either . . .

When using the group editor and cutting a subgroup, it seems not to lose all of its information.  I then paste back in, and it frequently becomes part of its prior owner, and sometimes part of another group.

So if I edit group A, and from group B of A I cut group C, the expected behavior on paste is to become part of group A, but it seems to have an affinity for B.

Other times, it may become part of D of A.     

I’ve even seen it become part of another subgroup that itself incorrectly attached.

Additionally, fresh pasting from elsewhere can attache to a subgroup of the group being edited.

There are also inconsistencies at times between what the message box thinks, and what the application browser and engine things (the latter two seem to agree).

So fir I cut C of B of A, and then paste, the message box may report that it is indeed C of A, while the application browser and other things done by the engine (e.g., moving) show that it is C of B of A again.

I managed to come up with a workaround of creating a new stack, and pasting there to form my new top level group, and then pasting that back to the original card (outside of the group editor).


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