Groups do not receive mouseEnter messages?

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I have always thought of a group as a container object, like a card, but without a “canvas” that constitutes a part of the object. It’s always made sense to me that a group doesn’t get mouse messages, except as they are passed from child objects. If the group did get mouse click messages, it would complicate things in situations where you want to know which child object was clicked on.

A group of audio playback buttons, as it stands now:

on mouseUp
   play audioClip (the short name of the target)
end mouseUp

A group of audio playback buttons, as it would be if the group received mouse click messages:

on mouseUp
   if the owner of me is not me then
      play audioClip (the short name of the target)
   end if
end mouseUp

So at least for most of my use cases, the current situation makes the most sense to me.

My $.02.


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I suppose as long as one knows how it works, it can be dealt with.

But there is an issue here, in that a group is not really a control, despite
what the dictionary says. A group has a rect, and one can tell if the
mouseLoc, say, is within that rect (and not necessarily within the rect of a
child control), but one cannot rely on any "ordinary" LC thinking to hold at

I understand that a group is merely a group of controls. If it was a
ghostLike object that only did that, then well and good.

But since it interacts with those controls intrinsically (as, for example,
the way radio buttons behave "natively") and owns most "ordinary" control
properties, well then, dammit, if one makes it opaque and green, it ought to
respond to mouse events.


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