"Drawing" is a reserved stack name?!?

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Mon Jun 24 16:54:15 EDT 2019

So before I report this as a "bug", I would appreciate if someone could 
confirm. Using LC9.0.4 and LC 9.0.5rc under Windows

Open LC
Make a new stack
Make the stack name "Drawing"
Save the stack as "Drawing.livecode"
Make sure that your have View > Show IDE Stacks in Lists set to Off
Exit LiveCode

Open Drawing.livecode back up in LiveCode.
Look in the Project Browser -> no "Drawing" stack

Turn View > Show IDE Stacks in Lists to On
Observe you can see the "Drawing" stack in the Project Browser

LC thinks "Drawing" is part of the IDE. If you open LiveCode with NO 
stacks and view the IDE stacks in the Project Browser, there is no 
"Drawing" stack, so it is not a conflict.

I though the "reserved" stack names were rev*, Home, Message Box, and 
com.livecode.* (oh and recently tsNetLubURL)

I do not recall seeing the name "Drawing" as a reserved stack name for 
the IDE, so this is either a documentation bug or a IDE bug. Can someone 

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