OT: Coloring Book Contract

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Jun 20 11:25:46 EDT 2019

I have a big Hindu organization that wants to produce a coloring book.

We are looking to put them in touch with someone who is willing in take art work and create an application, will also involve a printed version as well. (easy part)

Years ago I tried with big enterprise system developer to produce something - it was a disaster. They were involved with back tools for enterprise and could not design their way out of box

With some design sense of  "what look great on mobile" .. LC seems a perfect fit.

Be forewarned that "the client does not really have any idea about what he wants"

Therefore, you should build into the contract what designers/developers call a "discovery process"

= you get paid for the time it takes to nail down what the client "really" wants , usually per hour an initial consultation, Pay as you go…. plus UI/UX designs-prototypes iteration *before* you code anything.

Contact me off list if you have experience, plus samples of the work done in this genre

Svasti Astu, Be Well!

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