Empty error dialogs

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Jun 18 14:01:51 EDT 2019

Some users are getting empty script error dialogs in a standalone. The 
errors are infrequent, sporadic, always in different places in the app, 
not repeatable. When they happen, the user can repeat their last action 
and it works without error. We get these reports because the standalone 
has error reporting turned on.

An example:

Object: field 'XXX' of card 'YYY' of stack 'ZZZ'


Line Num:


The identified object and card is always different. I should mention 
that the current desktop app was built in a much older version of LC.

I assume the lack of reference info is because the script couldn't 
compile, but then why only sometimes and never on a second try? I also 
assumed the error(s) were in a LC library, mostly because if it were my 
own scripts I'd think there would be more information.

This is mostly a curiosity question since no real harm is done to the 
user data.

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