Using community to update text of a project distributed with Indy license?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jun 18 13:59:33 EDT 2019

Curt Ford wrote:
> A client needs to make minor updates to the text in a number of modules 
> I've created over several years. To eliminate the back-and-forth of 
> corrections and proofs, he's asked about making the changes himself in 
> LiveCode. (He's never used LiveCode and doesn't have a copy.)

Simple to do technically, but beyond the GPL implications it's also 
perhaps a bit cumbersome in terms of usability.

LC is a good software development environment, but perhaps a bit much 
for simple text editing.

I wonder if another option might be to make an Editor app which opens 
the stack and unlocks the fields for editing, and then locks them again 
before saving.

With many of my clients we build custom authoring environments in 
addition to the delivery environment for the end-user, and the modest 
up-front investment almost always pays off very well over the life cycle 
of what we're building together.

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