Is there a way to use custom icons in the navbar widget?

R.H. roland.huettmann at
Mon Jun 17 07:59:44 EDT 2019

To me the nav-bar is pretty much useless the way it is.

It is a problem with widgets in general that they often do not allow fine
grained customization as long as they do not give access to all properties
and other settings and di what all other controls can do. And writing
myself a nav-bar with LCB? It limits rather than is expanding. Or will we
all go for LCB doing everything "there"?

A standard "group" with some nice SVG icons does the trick of a nav-bar
easily and under full control.

(By the way, what is this HTML button widget meant to do? I searched 40
minutes and still have no clue... Is this my fault to scratch my head?)

I would rather like to see standard controls with the enhancement of fully
matching CSS-3 specs. That would be controlling UIX on the level of today's

Why do I have to mimick padding, full control of each side of rects, box
models etc.? That should be available "out of the box". CSS is the guide.

And the IDE mostly looks ugly. Tons of beautifully designed interfaces are
competing. As a newbie, I would be distracted looking at today's LiveCode

A cramped toolbar, black-white. Ugly looking controls... ... I stop here.
It needs a designer.

There is flat design, Windows new UIX guides, Apples UIX guides, Googles
material UIX... But we still use default buttons that remind me of 10-20
years ago. I do change them. But why are there no really cool default
themes packed with the product? Several modern styles of buttons?
Predefinde fields with labels, It is not sooooo much work to do.

"You can all do this yourself..." -- is not the answer. I do that already.

But an intelligent thoughtful default design of all our controls would
sell. And the stack window needs a customizable scroller, vertical and
horizontal, not a group doing that. It is expected standard.

For beginners, the choice is about what looks "coooool" first of all, not
understanding anything behind the curtain yet.

Color and form lead to a choice. They signal the level of promise, and if
the promise is fulfilled, the product shines and will be promoted by users.

There are millions of webdesigners, not really programmers. A huge market.
Would they not like to involve LiveCode and even pay for it? They all learn
HTML, CSS and ... JavaScript, or they are quickly out of business. Where is
the bridge? Designing for the web in LC? Translating to JavaScript source
code? (Our web HTML solution does not seem to take off and takes too much
time to download and is too much limited. I could not recommend to serious

So, what does LC offer to those millions?

Hard-core developers will continue looking down on LC thinking of it to be
a kind of toy. (It is not.)

Sorry for going beyond the nav-bar.

Who needs LC?

I have answers, but fear that they are no longer convincing enough.

With appreciation and love for LiveCode. But I am concerned.


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