Design questions...

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Thu Jun 6 09:47:33 EDT 2019


I was looking for input on the following design questions...I haven't done
anything for years so I am looking for other developers' experiences.

1. what would be considered the smallest stack size for a desktop app?

2. Does the above fill most of the screens in use today what is the
noraml or considered the standard screen resolution for a desktop laptop?

3. Are apps considered acceptable if the user needs to scroll down to see
the full app.

4. Are menu bars (ie File Open) still necessary or are users familiar
enough with section buttons?

5. If the stack is too large for a user (say they use a lower resoultion
screen notebook then is there a way to detect this and have scroll bars

I appreciate any insights the list may have.



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