Seeking clarification on which Android versions to build against in LC 9.5.0 (dp 1)

jjs at jjs at
Tue Jun 4 07:16:01 EDT 2019

According to Monte, it doesnot matter. Just hit the TEST button.
But probably you need to have downloaded the correct dependencies in 
Android Studio.
It sees against which it has to build.

But for the PAK standalone you need to decide for whcih processor you 
want to build.
the ARMv7 is the quad core as of android 4.1.2 according Mark, the ARM64 
are often octa-cores and of course 64bits.

Terry Judd via use-livecode schreef op 2019-06-04 04:53:
> OK - so I'm trying out 9.5.0 (dp 1) and am loving the fact that we now
> have a functional emulator (I'm using Android Studio) that we can use
> to test Android apps. Thanks dev team! But, I'm not entirely clear
> which processors I need to build against in order to publish the app.
> I'm *not* distributing the app via a store but am instead just
> allowing users (students) to download and install it directly. In the
> past I just had to select to build against 'Android' but now there are
> 4 possible build options. I'm assuming that I can ignore both x86 ones
> unless I am using the emulator, which leaves me with armv7 and arm64
> (same as armv8?) to choose from. Do I need both, and if I do, how
> might I go about advising our students which one they should download
> and install?
> Terry...
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