Seeking clarification on which Android versions to build against in LC 9.5.0 (dp 1)

Terry Judd terry.judd at
Tue Jun 4 00:53:54 EDT 2019

OK - so I'm trying out 9.5.0 (dp 1) and am loving the fact that we now have a functional emulator (I'm using Android Studio) that we can use to test Android apps. Thanks dev team! But, I'm not entirely clear which processors I need to build against in order to publish the app. I'm *not* distributing the app via a store but am instead just allowing users (students) to download and install it directly. In the past I just had to select to build against 'Android' but now there are 4 possible build options. I'm assuming that I can ignore both x86 ones unless I am using the emulator, which leaves me with armv7 and arm64 (same as armv8?) to choose from. Do I need both, and if I do, how might I go about advising our students which one they should download and install?


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