radiobuttons, checkboxes and icongravity

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Sun Jun 2 07:07:58 EDT 2019

Hi Richmond,

> Am 02.06.2019 um 11:42 schrieb Richmond via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> I'm sorry, I forgot to post the link to the stack:

thank you, I know the icongravity porperty and how to use it.

I was only surprised that the IDE does not provide the means for setting this in 
the inspector for buttons of type RADIO and CHECKBOX.

> And, before (or after ?) you get the wrong end of the stick, "Yours aye" is the
> Scots for the English "Yours ever."

Go figure! :-)

> Allus yours, Richmond.

All yours mine? What a nice flowery language. :-)



Klaus Major
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