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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Jul 16 01:31:42 EDT 2019

Thanks Ralph, I did create a 64-bit apk with LC 9.5. I've had a couple 
of people try my test app. It works on a Pixel 2, and a Moto-something, 
and my Huawei tablet. So far it only fails on my Pixel.

If anyone out there happens to have an (original) Pixel phone and is 
willing to do a quick test, that'd be great. The apk has a single 
browser widget with a lot of text, and the test would be to see if you 
can scroll to the bottom. I'm hoping the problem is my particular setup 
and not the Pixel model itself.

On 7/14/19 7:44 PM, Ralph DiMola wrote:
> Are you using 9.5? If not maybe a 64 bit build might work???
> Ralph DiMola
> IT Director
> Evergreen Information Services
> rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
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> I'm making progress but still having trouble with the browser widget on
> Android. To date:
> 1. Chopped up the huge file into multiple smaller files. They have all been
> tagged so that links automatically load the correct file when clicked. This
> works.
> 2. The app now copies all the files in its resources folder to the documents
> folder. This works.
> 3. When loading the first file of the set, it works perfectly. When tapping
> a link that loads another file in the set, things happen sometimes.
> On my Huawei tablet, everything works great. But on my Pixel, after
> scrolling two or three screens, everything freezes. Not only does the
> browser refuse to scroll (even backwards, where it's already been,) but HTML
> links don't respond, and buttons and other controls are inert. The backKey
> is also frozen, so the only option is to exit via the Home hardware button
> and remove the app from RAM. This is 100% reproducible.
> My Pixel is running Android 9 Pie and the Huawei has Android 8 Oreo. The
> Huawei also has newer hardware than the Pixel. Is the browser widget
> compatible with Android 9? Or is it a hardware problem?

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