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GFM syntax is used, but it does go through additional processing before being turned into what we see in the IDE.  All of that code resides in the IDE so it can be leveraged to process the updates.  I actually modified a stack that can allow the editing of a doc and then preview it in a browser.  I’ll need to find where that is posted and link here for reference this evening.

For license, I was only referring to the flow back into the main project which has the dual commercial/GPL license.

On Jan 22, 2019, 10:52 AM -0600, David Bovill via use-livecode <use-livecode at>, wrote:
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> >
> > That license will not allow inclusion into the LiceCode dictionary as it
> > requires any derivative works to carry the same license. For integration
> > into the LiveCode project a CLA will need to be signed by each author and
> > their contributions also submitted with copyright assigned to the company.
> >
> The documentation license is GPLv3 (with a modification for ATL and
> OpenSSL). It's not an ideal license for documentation - should probably
> changed to make things clearer but "on October 8, 2015, Creative Commons
> concluded
> <>
> that the CC BY-SA <> 4.0 is inbound
> compatible with the GPLv3". I also spoke with Kevin from the Mothership a
> couple of times about this issue, and AFAIK there is not intention to
> restrict the use / remix of the documentation in this way - ie using with
> other so called free culture content such as Wikipedia. Here are a few
> links:
> -
> Certainly more complicated is the flow back to the mothership for including
> the content in the closed source (commercial) distributions - for that we'd
> need the CLA, and some sort of care taken to NOT include Wikipedia content
> but only completely rewritten content. I'd certainly like to do that - so
> getting authors to sign the CLA would be useful to figure out for the
> community side of things.
> The dictionary uses markdown as the source format. To be easy to
> > integrate, it would be a good idea to use that as the storage/native format
> > of contributions.
> Yes - within the json we store Github flavoured markdown. It seems to me
> that the documentation is not in markdown though?
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