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Tue Feb 26 17:10:47 EST 2019

My use case might be unusual in that I have several itemdelimiters in the
same text. I need to record what each one is, but they must not be the
same. I might be going off topic here, but I thought it is a simple way of
generating a text that is guaranteed to be unique.

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> I am missing the point of using an ephemeral and unknown string as an
> itemDelimiter. The whole point of such a gadget is that it can be used at
> another time to undo, or redo, whatever data parsing was done earlier.
> Is it that the delimiter is stored somewhere, and just for security it is
> generated in an unpredictable way? But that it still can be recalled as
> needed? But then, as described, that several unique delimiters in quick
> succession may be created and used, are these stored as well for future
> use?
> In other words, if a delimiter is created somehow, and data is parsed into
> items defined by that delimiter, is there any purpose in NOT saving it
> somewhere?
> Craig Newman
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