centerRect - "stretching" an image

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The centerRect allows you to stretch a portion of an image without 
affecting the areas outside of the rectangle. Imagine you have an image 
with rounded corners and you want to use it as a button icon. You can 
specify an area in the center of the image that can stretch as wide as you 
need the button to be but the corners won't be affected and will keep their 
original radius.

Or imagine a vertical image like a paper bookmark with a design on top and 
a cutout shape on the bottom. You could stretch the center area to make it 
taller without distorting the top design or the cutout at the bottom.
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On February 13, 2019 7:49:01 PM Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode 
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> See my other message to the list of UI Handlers…
> For my library, I was looking for clues to "centering "  and came across
> centerRect
> set the centerRect[angle] of image to rectangle
> set the centerRect of image "buttonImage" to 20,20,45,200
> Dictionary is obscure,
> 1. What does "stretching" mean
>              in the context of " Use to centerRect property to specifies a region of 
>              pixels that should be stretched when the image is stretched." Something 
>              that happens is development with the Selection Tool on?
> 2.  centerRect[angle]
>           Implies an array. But there is no reference to an array in the dictionary?
> BR
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