Widget TurnImage89_v100

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Wed Feb 6 00:35:17 EST 2019

TurnImage is a pure LiveCode Builder widget, there is no essential
script access and no use of JavaScript.

The widgets lets you
= turn an image horizontally or vertically with a 2D-perspective view,
= switch from an image to a second image while turning or rotating.

Thus it is essentially an animation tool for displaying LC objects.
For example two groups of same size that make up the front and back of
a turning "card". Just try the demo in the sample stack.

The widget is fast enough to "turn" a video by grabbing frames from it.
For this we need to use a browser widget to play the video (just play,
nothing else) because the LC player object is essentially blocking.

TurnImage is a "fat" widget that works with LC 8 and LC 9 identically
and also in all LC editions, from community up to business.

This sample stack includes buttons to install (or remove) the widget
to/from both LC 8 and 9.
And it containes several examples for scripting the widget's properties.

Download it from "Sample Stacks" or

The widget is free for non-commercial use. For commercial use please
give a (small) fee to the LC developer help fund.

The source code (lcb-file) is not included.

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