Setting behaviors in 9.0.2

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Sat Feb 2 23:33:34 EST 2019

Interesting, I hadn't thought of that. I'd think a memory leak would cause 
a crash instead of unusual behavior, though I've had a few crashes too. A 
couple of weeks ago I got a kernal panic, the first I've ever seen. Working 
with the client on the same stack, she got a kernal panic too. Neither of 
us have seen it since and I wasn't sure if it really was LC's fault. I get 
the feeling this is going to be a hard thing to track down.
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> I think this is not related especially to behaviors.
> There is possibly something going wrong with the memory management
> of LC 9.
> I had, especially when developing or using widgets, several
> strange effects. For example changed scripts worked not before
> saving 2-3 times and closing the script editor.
> Sometimes also closing and removing a stack from memory and reopening
> didn't work.
> But everything ALWAYS worked as expected when relaunching LC 9.
> Or when doing the same thing in LC 8!
> I started to denote such strange scenarios for a report.
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