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Mark Waddingham mark at
Mon Dec 30 12:21:44 EST 2019

On 2019-12-27 22:51, Bill Vlahos via use-livecode wrote:
> List,
> Version 9.x of LiveCode doesn’t recognize stacks unless the file name
> ends with either .rev or .livecode. Previous versions (I don’t know
> when this changed) were able to.

Nothing has changed here in any recent version.

> I use a stack file as the Preferences file for InfoWallet but the file
> name is “LicenseKey.IW”. When I execute the following command to read
> custom properties in the stack it fails with an error. Type: Chunk:
> can't find stack
> put the uDefaultWallet of stack "LicenseKey.IW" into vDefault

This is most likely because you haven't got the stackFiles property set 
up, or the defaultFolder is not what you are expecting it to be - i.e. 
the engine cannot find the stack with filename "LicenseKey.IW" relative 
to the current folder.

> I can also see this when opening a stack from LiveCode. the
> LicenseKey.IW file is greyed out unless I look for All Files when then
> opens it correctly.

The IDE still uses the form of 'answer file' which specifies a 
creator/filetype and an extension. I suspect either one of:

   A) the creator/filetype is actually recognised by more recent versions 
of macOS (i.e. they are ignored completely - I don't recall a report 
against Mojave, but it is entirely possible Catalina no longer supports 

   B) The file has just lost its creator/filetype and thus is being 
filtered out (this can happen if a file is archived via a format which 
doesn't support these attributes, or has transmitted through an FS which 

> How can I open the stack file in LiveCode 9.5.1 without changing the
> name of the file?

Use All Files and select it that way, as you have been doing :)

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