LC PDF User Guide

Kurt Kaufman kurtkaufman at
Thu Dec 12 12:16:54 EST 2019

Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. I was aware of the LC User Guide in the past, but hadn't realized (or had forgotten) that it is in the PDF format, and as such, is easy to duplicate and press into service on a tablet for browsing or when assistance is required.


Richard Gaskin wrote:
It has more than 650 pages of comprehensive info on using LiveCode,
broken down into well organized sections and subsections, often with
illustrations and screen shots, all put together in a well-indexed PDF.

They call it "LiveCode User Guide", and it's been secretly bundled with
every release of LiveCode for several years. :)

I'm having fun there, but seriously, the User Guide has been pretty good
in recent years. I'm often surprised at how the answers to many forum
questions are covered well in it, yet when I ask about it most people
don't even notice that it's there, the second-from-the-top item in LC's
Help menu.

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