OT: HTML img src and Windows problem

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Wed Dec 11 18:38:37 EST 2019

This is not directly related to LiveCode. I amwriting a bunch of html 
from LiveCode to a local .html file. In it there are image tags to 
images in the same location as the .html file, so an image tag in the 
HTML might be:

<img src="img-500227-PDF.gif" char=" ">

Not matter what browser I open the HTML file in under Windows 10 
(Firefox or Chrome), the image links are broken. When I roll over one 
(such as the above) it shows


My understanding of HTML src paths is that for just a file NAME, the 
browser should look in the same folder as the html page file?

Anyone know what you need to do to get relative image source paths to 
work in HTML written from LiveCode?

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