mergAV and AVkit

andrew at andrew at
Mon Dec 2 09:50:17 EST 2019

Thank you for forcing me to take another look at this! I had found the  
updated info last year @ but misinterpreted  
the change suggested.

I still had this line:
mergAVRequestMediaAccess "audio"

Because I thought this was taking care of that issue for me:
on mergAVMediaAccess pType, pGranted
    put "mergAVMediaAccess"&&pType, pGranted
    if pType is "audio" then
       mergAVRequestMediaAccess "video"
end mergAVMediaAccess

So I just needed to update my original request code to (duh):
mergAVRequestMediaAccess "video"

--Andrew Bell

> Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2019 08:24:55 +1100
> From: Monte Goulding <monte at>
> Subject: Re: mergAV and AVkit
> mergAV has already supported this for a while. You set the  
> microphone to empty before creating the camera. It is in the docs  
> for mergAVCamCreate.
>> On 28 Nov 2019, at 5:30 am, Andrew Bell via use-livecode  
>> <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> I'm excited to see that the switch to AVkit in LC 9.6 fixes the bug  
>> where <a  
>> href="">cameraControl  
>> automatically configured audio and video input devices when  
>> created</a>!
>> Will these syntax changes be made to mergAV? Using the barcode  
>> reader on iOS still asks for microphone access which is hard to  
>> explain to customers.
>> --Andrew Bell

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