iOS scrollers

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Dec 1 10:12:23 EST 2019

Perhaps I misunderstand you, but IMHO, "it not rocket science"

Regardless of the device or fullscreenmode. I use (and I think jacque uses) the card rect…

If  we set a scroller to the "formatterHeight", in any model or "mode" context, the user should be able to scroll right to the bottom, and see, its contents -- in this case a field.

It a confirmed bug, but it hasn't been solved/merged yet.

It would be good to have a simple stack to test that only is for showing the problem. One thing I would look at is how you are measuring coordinates when using ShowAll. With ShowAll and Portrait, of a card that is iPhone 4 sized, zero Y is not at the top of the iPhone 5 screen. If you are finding a way to base things off of the visible top of the screen, and not using the top of the card, then things will go wrong.

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