Lesson on Accelerated Rendering

JJS jjs at krutt.org
Fri Apr 26 16:00:27 EDT 2019

There is another thread on this list about this, before it was fixed.

There are a few commands which you can find in the dictionary related to 
this. They have their own function in this which i tried but what did 
not help to the bug it had before the fix by Monte.

Look up the other thread, the functions are named there (i can't recall 
right now)

But they probably shed more light on your question.

Op 26-4-2019 om 18:44 schreef Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode:
> One would think it easy to find. But search the dictionary and these lists and lessons… nada. I sent this to support: no answer. I think they are getting ready for the conference. Maybe someone here can give it a shot.
> Re:  acceleratedRendering.
> -- There are issues which affect DG2.
> -- There are "17 bugs" related to acceleratedRendering.
> -- The issue of slide up the keyboard was fixed.
> -- There have been on-going changes with each version.
> -- There is "engine work" on acceleratedRendering
> -- related to groups and Layers in groups
> -- relative to layer mode-static, dynamic or scrolling
> -- 9.0.4 rc2 behaves differently that 9.0.3
> So, I am at a loss as to when
> --  to use acceleratedRendering  (true)
> --  and when to turn it off (false)
> --  how it affects layer mode: static, dynamic or scrolling?
> -- what does it actually do
> The dictionary has only a brief mention for acceleratedRendering.
> Granted that there are bugs to be fixed...
> But at least, can we learn how it is supposed to work?
> Can we get a lesson on this -- or if the lesson is online, a URL ?
> Anything will be a great help, not only for me, but for all "newbies" -- to get clarity on this subject.
> BR
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