LC Server permissions

Rick Harrison harrison at
Fri Apr 12 16:16:07 EDT 2019

I have a file I need to upload to my LC server
using the $_Files[uploadedfile][error] method
that requires the correct permissions to be
able to move and rename the file using:

put URL ("binfile:" & tFilePath) into URL ("binfile:" & tNewFilePath)

I get "can't open file (13)” which is a permissions error.

For testing purposes only, I temporarily set the
file permissions for everyone on a folder to be 
able to read/write.

That of course makes the error go away instantly and
everything works fine.

The problem of course is that I need to lock things
down as much as possible, so I can’t allow
everyone to be able to read/write.

What user do I need to give that permission
to for LC Server to be able to read/write so
I can limit access to everyone but not to
LiveCode?  Also is there a way in my code
to give permission temporarily just while
the script is running and then close it down?

Thanks in advance!


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