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Fri Apr 12 14:06:12 EDT 2019

I do use google, but, the issue is return on time and investment.   The
entire purpose of the endeavor is as a front end to a database.   Given the
database layer has not been touched for years given that all the database
bugs where consolidated back in version 2.16 and not touched until 2016
when the consolidated list was marked as 'not a bug' tells me that there is
no intention to actually fix the limits to the system.
So, why should I spend time, fiddling with the discussions of how to fix
the panels (viewers) when a more fundamental issue happens to be the
database layer itself.
I am going to use html and javascript with an embedded local only web
server, as that is less work than livecode.
It's a shame.   Livecode has so much potential, but, it is fighting
itself.  I remember when I first looked at livecode back in 2010, they
where promising so much that still does not exist.

On Fri, 12 Apr 2019 at 13:48, Stephen Barncard <stephen at> wrote:

> Good lord, Dalton - you could use gmail which also provides all the other
> Google free goodies including online photo services....
> If you are a programmer this should be the easiest part!
> sqb
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> On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 10:01 AM Dalton Calford <dalton.calford at>
> wrote:
>> Yea, unfortunately, setting up a site that I can upload to, arrange the
>> links etc., is more hassle than it is worth.
>> The responses I got on my other thread (about documentation on adding
>> another native database client) tells me that I am not able to continue
>> with Livecode.
>> ODBC is not going to cut it, there is no native jdbc control and the
>> system does not seem to have any standardization in regards to database
>> access(from a low level standpoint).
>> I hope I am wrong, but I won't know until I dig further into the git
>> sources.
>> On Fri, 12 Apr 2019 at 12:45, Stephen Barncard <stephen at>
>> wrote:
>>> This is an old fashioned list, which allows no attachments.
>>> Always use links.
>>> On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 09:40 Dalton Calford via use-livecode <
>>> use-livecode at> wrote:
>>>> > Well, it appears this list is not the best place to use for such a
>>>> discussion.
>>>> I shared some notes and a screen shot and voila, I get this
>>>> "Your message to use-livecode awaits moderator approval"
>>>> >
>>>> I don't know if Richard got the message or not, nor do I know if my post
>>>> got approved, but with such a small size (32k) this is really  tight if
>>>> any
>>>> diagrams/mockups are to be included.
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