Debugging in iOS 12?

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That 10.1 error message will not affect your development. You can still drag apps into the devices window. You can also have both 10.1 and 10.2 on your Mac. Use 10.1 for building iOS apps and run 10.2 to access the devices window. If you have both versions then use 10.1 in the LC prefs. >From the command prompt you can set the version of the tools that LC will use for building.

2 commands
1) (xcode-select --print-path) will display the version in use
2) (sudu xcode-select -switch "path/to/") will set the build tools version

I keep multiple version of Xcode in a separate folder so I can use older simulators.

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I’m just diving into debugging my iPhone app after a long hiatus. I have iOS 12.2 on my iPhone and am using Xcode 10.1. Unfortunately, it appears that LC 9.0.4 (rc2) won’t support Xcode 10.2 (from the web site) and I get the following error message in Xcode:

"This iPhone 6 is running iOS 12.2 (16E227), which may not be supported by this version of Xcode.”

Is there anything I can do except wait for the next version of livecode to come out? I should have waited to update my iOS version. Arg! Such a pain to wade into this thicket of provisions, certificates, etc. again. At least there are more support docs from Livecode.

Any advice would be welcomed.


William A. Prothero

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