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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Apr 11 16:10:54 EDT 2019

Dalton Calford wrote:

 > I was about to explain using screen shots, flow diagrams etc., but,
 > then I thought this may not be the best place to be discussing this.
 > If you think this is as good a list as any, I can proceed, but, I will
 > have to do so later this evening as I am about to start a MOP.

If this relates to what is known in the xTalk world as Viewers (we could 
call it other things, but the concept being viewing a stack within 
another stack), that would seem of enough general interest to keep it here.

If it's about something more obscure, it may still be useful here as 
such things can be easily filtered/ignored by those not interested in 
them, while allowing those who are interested to follow along without 
needing to hunt down wherever the conversation may have been moved to.

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