Anchor links in browser widget

hh hh at
Mon Apr 1 16:37:59 EDT 2019

> JLG wrote:
> I may need to go back to the revBrowser implementation, since
> layering isn't working with the widget anyway and internal links
> aren't reliable.

The browser widget needs some time after a "reloading" (setting the
htmltext in your case).

set htmltext of widget "browser" to empty
set htmltext of widget "browser" to htm
wait 10 ticks with messages --> may need even more time on preopenstack
set url of widget "browser" to "http://libbrowser_dummy_url/#1234"

= Canvas methods work with revbrowser on Mac only, nowhere else.
= You can put a palette over a browser widget:
= You can put a browser widget over a browser widget:

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