ANN: WordLib 2.2 Release is Available + LC Blog Post

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Thu Oct 11 06:41:24 EDT 2018

Hello Folks,

Finally a version update! :)

WordLib 2.2 is packed with new goodies: it provides tab align to the 
extent that it is supported in LiveCode (and a little further), a fix 
for a less-common type of line break that will help anyone who uses 
Apple Dictate, more accurate import of text fonts and styles, better 
import of images and other content in third-party docx files written by 
other word processors and document creators, a fix for duplicated 
content in text boxes, updates to the demo stack and test documents, and 
outstanding MS Word document support for LiveCode 6.7 to 9.x and beyond!

(For new users: WordLib imports MS Word and Open Office documents right 
into your LiveCode fields. This is all done natively without relying on 
any other software, API, or interface to do the job. You just need 
LiveCode, WordLib, a document, and a field. Any platform. One line of 
code. You're done.)

Check it out, download, and purchase at your choice of the two stores.

Here's the LiveCode blog post and extension store:

LC Blog:

LC Store:

And here's my own addon web site and store:

CK Web:

CK Store:

Go to or Curry's and start using WordLib 
2.2 in your LiveCode projects today. Current license holders, be sure to 
take advantage of the upgrade discount for this version; you deserve it. 
USD Price is $79 for initial full purchase and $35 for upgrade.

(For some reason, from my own location here in Florida the LC store 
always displays $94.01, LC is looking into that on their end - but rest 
assured, when you 'Buy Now' the correct pricing will show; I just tried 
it. Both stores have an upgrade discount option. If you need a 1.x or 
2.0 code for previous versions, that's available at the store too.)

There are some amazing people in the LiveCode community without whom 
WordLib would never have come this far. Thanks as always, and keep 
making awesome LiveCode projects! More addon updates will be on the 
release conveyer belt coming your way... maybe one or two exciting new 
"gamechanging" products too, once the updates are taken care of. ;)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

WordLib: Take charge of MS Word and OpenOffice documents
SpreadLib: "Excel-lent" spreadsheet import/export for LC

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