What exactly does the status pending in Livecode Quality Control Center mean

Charles Warwick charles at techstrategies.com.au
Wed Jun 27 02:44:50 EDT 2018

Hi Ralf,

> In a nutshell following the results of my tests:
> - There is bug 18961. An issue regarding tsNetSendCmd() is presumably related. Other Indy features work as expected.

The issue is that any asynchronous tsNet function will fail on LC server.  I have not yet had time to go back and resolve the cause of this problem.

> - Although the business version licensing error is fixed the business features still don’t work.
>  (As soon as I have enough spare time I will start filing bug reports, one by one.)

Are you referring to asynchronous functions that are only available in the business edition?  These will fail due to the same issue as tsNetGet and tsNetSendCmd, so no need to file a separate bug report for these.

If you are experiencing issues with other business only features, please file a report so that I can take a look at them.

> - On On-Rev using LC server 9 tsNet does not work at all because glibc needs to be upgraded as I was told by support.
>  Custom directives in ~/.bashrc didn’t help, these seem to be ignored by Apache.
> - Don’t think about using tsNet in a LC server / Mac OS environment.

Unfortunately, I need to find some time to look into the LC server implementation on platforms other than Linux before they will be viable for use with tsNet.



> Ralf
>> On 25. Jun 2018, at 22:01, panagiotis merakos via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
>> I have it working with LC Server 9 on an Ubuntu 16.04 64bit but only tested
>> on localhost. But if I remember correctly there are a couple of people
>> using tsnet with LC server on an actual server (Ralf maybe??)
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