Open source iOS and Android

Linda Miller, DVM 1anmldr1 at
Sun Jun 24 12:29:15 EDT 2018

My original question is about the Community version of LC.  If apps built with it are supposed to be open source, is there a "place" where the developers "share" their apps.  How do we know what people have created in order to request a copy?  I personally would like to "meet" other developers of medical, scientific, pharmaceutical, dental and especially veterinary apps if there are any around.

Thank you for the link.  I already own the book but have not read all of it yet. I also have access to many sources of code like everyone else on the LiveCode website and other sites.

I know (obviously about this list) and about the forums on LC's website. I have Google'd and found a fair number of sites that people have posted code and apps long before the Community version was available.


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