Browser Widget Layer on mobile

Dan Friedman dan at
Sat Jun 23 13:49:18 EDT 2018


I think that’s true for Native Controls, but I’m seeing different results for the bowser widget.  I find that if I put the bowser widget in a group, it draws within the group’s bounds like other controls.  What I’m experiencing is that on Mobile (at least iOS), it’s acting like a standard native control, not like it does on desktop.


> I may not be stating it in the right terms, but native controls are above everything else in their own layer.

>> I am working on a mobile app where I have a bowser widget in a group that is scrollable. It scrolls just fine (frankly, smoother that I thought it would!). However, there is a problem when the widget gets scrolled past the bounds of the group’s rect. On my mac, it’s working correctly, but on a real device (and the simulator), the bowser widget is being shown even outside the rect of the group – like it’s not in the group.
>> Here’s a screen shot of what I’m talking about:
>> Any thoughts or advise are appreciated!
>> -Dan

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