Best practise approach for artwork for iOS and Android?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Jun 12 21:41:17 EDT 2018

This work for a few images, but let's say that your app has 100's images. Your package / SA has limits. 

I found it easy to settle on a routine. Images 400 X 400 or less I produce at 800 X 800 and run them the TinyJPG and get optimized. So the 2X size work well, in fact in "mandatory" on small image (100 X 50) from full screen images (414 X 736) the 1X, otherwise "eagle eyes" complain

Of course it is not optimal, but from user feedback; they only complain "the image a fuzzy"  when we take an item below a certain rect (400 X 400) AND optimize it AND display a 1X... when the image is bigger, I suspect treatment  of edges and sharpness are still "acceptable" to the eye -- after optimization,  even my eagles eyes users   I have not found any this better. My own command line tool  (run it through ImageMadic and mozjpg)  never come close to Works so well that save in photoshop at the native rect (2X for image below 400x400 are save a 800 X 800) and save out at 100% quality  on Photoshop .

 Drop in (does jpeg as well) and look at savings!\ And test them side by side with the originals.

Of course, is you are doing Ansel Adam coffee book style photographic representations.... that’s a different story. But my users are interest in the content of the photo -- "the documentary" aspect. They hardly notice the photo quality (except for small images, where I think optimization "breaks" the photo)


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    TL;DR: if you can find a tool which can upscale your images acceptably to 2x or even 4x - do so - keep the original
    image as foo.png and the upscale ones as foo at 2x/4x.png and set the filename of the image with foo.png. The engine should do the rest (from the using as much as it can pixel data wise at least point of view).

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