Anything LiveCode Can Learn From GO

Rick Harrison harrison at
Sun Jun 10 10:27:53 EDT 2018

Hi Sannyasin,

I found a quick small snippet of some “Hello World” GO code and have listed it below.

I much prefer LiveCode syntax over this stuff any day.
Stick with LiveCode, it’s just better!

Just my 2 cents for the day.



Add a test to the stringutil package by creating the file$GOPATH/src/ containing the following Go code.

package stringutil

import "testing"

func TestReverse(t *testing.T) {
	cases := []struct {
		in, want string
		{"Hello, world", "dlrow ,olleH"},
		{"Hello, 世界", "界世 ,olleH"},
		{"", ""},
	for _, c := range cases {
		got := Reverse(
		if got != c.want {
			t.Errorf("Reverse(%q) == %q, want %q",, got, c.want)
Then run the test with go test:

$ go test
ok 0.165s

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