Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Mon Jun 11 14:51:06 EDT 2018

So . . . messing around, as one does, I started to think about scancodes:
that is to say, signals sent by USB devices (and others)
when keys are pressed . . .

The main reason for this is that if I have this sort of code in a 
LiveCode stack:

on rawKeyDown RD
  put RD
end rawKeyDown

on rawKeyUp RU
   put RU
end rawKeyUp

RD and RU will be the same,

while the actual scancodes sent from the keyboard to the computer should 
be different for
keyDown and keyUp.

I realise that this is fairly silly unless one wants one's program to do
different things from a keyDown to a keyUp, and that there are 
comparatively straightforward
ways to ensure this without accessing the scancodes.

Notwithstanding . . .


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