Android USB port

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its very rare that something is not possible ....i hope you find the help
you need...... I have yet to use livecode for mobile dev ....
desktop...different story.....dunno if u've tried the forum....the (gitter)
chatroom may also be good place to ask advanced questions too.

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> Thanks, Tom ...  got a chuckle out of your reply!  To be fair, Erik
> Beugelaar *did* reply back on April 24 (I must have missed it) and
> suggested looking into Jave FFI (supported by LC v9) for possible
> methodologies.  I have NO CLUE regarding Java... and, cynical as it may be,
> I don't expect to be able to learn it at my age.  I would be quite
> interested in anyone with that ability and knowledge to assist ... quite
> negotiable.  I'm looking for (ideally) a native LC solution.  Given the
> scope and flexibility of LC, it's hard to imagine that there isn't a way to
> access the Android USB port.
> Apple, if it isn't known, requires you to sell your first-born, sign a
> contract in blood and then embed a "special" hardware chip in your device
> in order to ALLOW USB connectivity.  I'm good with using BlueTooth for
> iOS... but Android has me stumped unless this community can lend a hand.
> It'd be right-neighborly of ya to do so!
> >
> > I can't help you but .... i loved your testimonial.
> >
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