Differences between Commercial and Community versions of LiveCode

Brian Milby brian at milby7.com
Tue Jun 5 15:49:18 EDT 2018

I believe this thread started as a result is someone asking if there was a way to recover their work if all they could salvage was a built binary (from community edition). It sounds like there should be a way based on another response in the thread.

On Jun 5, 2018, 2:16 PM -0500, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com>, wrote:
> Richmond Mathewson wrote:
> > Recently I ran off a very simple standalone with the Indy and the
> > Community version of LC 8.1.9
> > and cracked both of them open with a text editor.
> >
> > In neither of the standalones could I access the code.
> >
> > Presumably this means that a standalone generated with the Community
> > version cannot be
> > reverse-engineered in such a way that its original code can be read?
> Binding the stack to the runtime engine makes the source difficult to
> access, and the objects impossible to modify.
> The requirement of GPL-governed works is that source code is available
> in a form that allows modification.
> I would not imagine requiring end-users to sift through bits of a binary
> executable would satisfy any definition of GPL compliance.
> Either the source stack files are made available to any user of the
> executable who wants them, or the entity distributing the executable is
> in violation of LiveCode Ltd's copyright.
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