How To Become Android Developer

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Jun 2 15:27:41 EDT 2018


It turns out I was working too hard. The  folder "android-sdk-macosx" which is assembled online by the "tools." I could not get it work. But I had jdk1.8.0_172.jdk. installed


1) turns out that  folder "android-sdk-macosx" in completely independent of the system.


2) is "married" to  the JDK that you have installed

So, I thought "sheesh, just get a copy  from your backup, and uninstall the JDK and get the one you had before"

So unInstalled jdk1.8.0_172.jdk. 
Installed  jdk1.8.0_171.jdk

Copied "android-sdk-macosx" from back up to my current "app-development" folder

Then in terminal ./adb start-server; ./adb devices

There was my Pixel! And in 8.1.10, mobile preference was happy! (It gave me error before)

Disclaimer: I don't what I am doing. This comes the house of WHEW (WHatEverWorks). And, this should be easier... God Help the newbie Android developers

Good to fix the LiveCode lesson on this asap!


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    >This works for me.
    >For JDK:
    >JDK 1.8.0_121
    I've got 1.8.0_152 which also works. I'd guess any 1.8 version would 
    probably be okay. BR: I told you "8" but I should have said "1.8".

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