scrollerdidscroll, but WHAT has bee scrolled?

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I name the scroller the same as the control it's scrolling. The
"scrollderdidscroll" is only sent to the stack that created it. If you have
a generic "create scroller" handler in a library stack then the
"scrollderdidscroll" message will only go to that stack. In the context of
"scrollderdidscroll" message "this stack" is the library stack. If you want
a truly generic scroller in a library stack then you would also have to put
the stack name into the control ID along with the LC control name and parse
it out in the "scrollderdidscroll" handler later. In my case there is only
one stack for the GUI so it's easy to know what the stack the control is in.
Here's my generic "scrollderdidscroll" I have this in a library stack(along
with generic scroller create handle).

on scrollerDidScroll hScrolled, vScrolled
   local ControlID
      put mobileControlTarget() into ControlID

      set the vscroll of control ControlID of stack "MainStackGUI" to
      set the hscroll of control ControlID of stack "MainStackGUI" to
   pass scrollerDidScroll
end scrollerDidScroll

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Subject: scrollerdidscroll, but WHAT has bee scrolled?

Hi friends,

this interesting question came up in the german LC forum.

If you have 2 native scrollers on a card, how do you differ in the
"scrollderdidscroll" handler WHICH one has been actually scrolled? 
Know what i mean?

I would have exspected an appropriate parameter pContolID like in
"mobilecontroldo", but could not find anything in the dictionary about

Thaks for any hints!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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